Join and Claim Your Free Box of Samples #FreeSamples #Free 3

Join PinchMe and Claim Your Free Box of Samples – NEW Samples 3/14 at 12pm est.

As many of you know, I ran a site called Free Sample Momma for over 7 years where I offered links to free samples from popular brands. Over the years the offers died down and it was tough to come by quality free samples, until now.

Introducing PINCHme

Join PinchMe and Claim Your Free Box of Samples #FreeSamples #Free 4

PINCHme is a monthly subscription site that lets you try products from leading brands, completely for FREE! All they ask is for your feedback on the products. Every month, an amazing range of free samples are released on PINCHme for members to claim. These samples include grocery, baby, pet, beauty, home and personal care.

This is 100% FREE to join, no credit card required! I have been a member for a couple of years and I have never once had to supply a credit card. So why would they give away great items for free? Popular brands still want consumers to try their products and in return for sending you great products to try they want your feedback. Now before you get worried that there are tons of forms to fill out, stop. The feedback section takes only a few minutes to fill out, you are basically just telling them what you loved or did not love about the product. Easy, peasy!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Sign up for FREE now on
  2. Complete your member profile
  3. Order free samples relevant to you
  4. Give your feedback!

There are brand new product every month from grocery, baby, and pet to beauty, home and personal care. You can usually choose to receive 3 samples and often times you will also get bonus samples. Shipping is also 100% FREE. Take a look at what I received just to give you an idea of the types of products you will get when you join.

Join PinchMe and Claim Your Free Box of Samples - NEW Samples 12/13 at 12pm est. 1


100% FREE

No credit card required + free shipping on every box.



Enjoy a variety of samples. From pets, beauty, baby, snacks, personal care, cleaning products, and household items – there’s something for everyone!


Get special partner offers every day + exclusive sweepstakes each week.


Become a part of something bigger than the box. Join over 2.4 million members across country!





Disclosure: I received a box of samples in the past in order to review this service.

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3 thoughts on “Join PinchMe and Claim Your Free Box of Samples – NEW Samples 3/14 at 12pm est.

  1. I signed up and the message I got is I don’t fit their profile with their brands. Really, with a family of 4.

    1. Terry I have had the same experience–I’m rarely a “fit” but I do get a ton of email from them about joining other email lists for companies, etc. (I get plenty of email already, thanks.)

  2. Pinch me sample box! I received my first box of samples. The box of samples include a Slim Fast 100 calorie Snack Bites and I can say I’ve tried them and they were great. I was hungry when I opened my box so I tried them and I will be purchasing them!

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