Gift Guide Submissions

Gift Guide Submissions

  **We are not accepting images without compensation.

Getting Your Product Featured

  • Submission must have a minimum value of $25, be full-sized, and non-returnable product sample, gift card, or fee. This can be made of multiple products from a single brand, or supplemented with gift cards and or cash.
  • If  you would prefer not to send physical products or gift cards, you may choose to instead pay $50 to have your item listed in our guide.
  • Please make sure your submissions are family-friendly!

What You Will Receive

  • Inclusion in the Gift Guide. This includes a picture, information about the product, and a link for where to purchase the items
  • Social Media Shoutouts at my discretion
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Stocking Stuffers are a free placement but must receive product

See what my Holiday Gift Guide looked like to see how your product will be featured:


Categories I am Interested in:

  • Gifts for Her – MOTHER’S DAY/XMAS
  • Gifts for Him – FATHER’S DAY/XMAS
  • Children – XMAS
  • Teenagers – XMAS
  • Pets – XMAS
  • Electronics/Tech – MOTHER’S DAY/FATHER’S DAY/XMAS
  • Toys – XMAS
  • More – Pitch it to me 🙂


What I Need: 

  • Hi-Res Product Images
  • A brief description
  • Link to where the product can be purchased
  • Price of the product and any sales or coupons that are active
  • Social Media Links

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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