Family Dollar Saves You More During The Holidays!

If you read my blog or frequent my free samples/coupon site, Free Sample Momma, then you know I am all about saving money and getting the best deals.  Christmastime always presents a challenge to those frugally minded – how am I am going to save money on all of the Christmas and Holiday items I need? Well I have the answer for you – Family Dollar Stores!

Mom Central wanted me to help spread the word on how affordable Family Dollar stores are and how you can not only save money, but get quality items to boot!

Since I have almost all of my gift shopping done, I focused on getting some items for my Christmas Baking bonanza and gift wrapping and stocking items!

I bake a lot, all kinds of cookies, chocolate bark, candy, cakes and pies, and the ingredients are not cheap! I could spend $100 PLUS on getting the items I need at a regular grocery store, so I was excited to see what I could get at Family Dollar.


Here’s what I picked up:

3 Sugar 64oz @ $2.50
1 Smoked Almonds @ $3.00
1 Baking Soda 8oz @ $0.50
1 Vanilla @ $2.50
1 Keebler Crust @ $1.65
2 Oreos @ $2.50
1 Golden Oreo @ $2.50
1 Jello Choc Pudding @ $1.00
1 Jello Vanilla Pudding @ $1.00
3 Lt Brown Sugar 32 oz  @ $1.75 each
3 Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie @ $2.00
1 Devils Food Cake @ $1.35


Now onto the gift wrapping and misc. holiday items……yeah, I’m not done 😉

1 Gift Wrap @ $5.00
2 Candy Canes @ $1.50
1 Xmas Tags @ $1.00
1 Hershey Candy 16.50 oz @ $5.00
1 Santa 3 pk @ $1.00
1 Snowmen @ $1.00
3 Choc Santa @ $1.00
1 Scoth Tape 2 pk @ $1.00
1 20 ct Bows @ $2.00
1 Holiday Tablecloth @ $3.50

TOTAL SPENT – $25.50

GRAND TOTAL – $62.75 – That’s 32 items for about 1.96 per item! I know I went a little crazy and went over my $50 budget, but not by much and how could I not at those prices?! I can guarantee that if I bought all of that at my regular store, it would be double, if not triple the cost.

So as you can see, Family Dollar has pretty much all you need to get your Holidays underway. Don’t forget they have a great selection toys, and even toys starting at $5. Right now on their website they have a Buy Two, Get One 50% off in the Toys section.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Family Dollar and received a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.