Disneynature's BEARS Review 5

Disneynature’s BEARS Review

Disneynature’s BEARS is a MUST see for anyone who enjoys nature films and animals.


Bears follows an Alaskan brown bear names Sky and her two cute little babies,  Amber and Scout for an entire tear as they travel across the Alaskan peninsula in search of food to prepare for the long winter ahead.

Be careful of small children watching, just because there are some intense scenes where they are in danger and the outlook seams bleak. These scenes may scare little ones BUT it is a nature film and this is exactly what happens. Just use caution.

Educator's Guide to DisneyNature's Bears

If you would to use the movie as a teaching tool, Disney has provided a wonderful Educator’s Guide to the movie.

Overall, this is a wonderful nature film delving into the life of the brown bear and it’s survival int he wild.

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